Arsenic Water Filters

Arsenic Water Filters
Arsenic (As) is not easily dissolved in water. Therefore, if it is found in a water supply, it usually comes from mining or metallurgical operations or from runoff from agricultural areas where materials containing arsenic were used as industrial poisons. Arsenic and phosphate easily substitute for one another chemically, therefore commercial grade phosphate can have some arsenic in it. Arsenic is highly toxic and has been classified by the US EPA as a carcinogen, which was derived from toxicity considerations rather than carcinogenicity. The current Maximum Contaminent Level (MCL) for arsenic is 0.010 mg/l as of 01/23/06.

Countertop Arsenic Water Filters
Handsome water filters easily connect to any kitchen faucet & effectively remove Arsenic from tap water.
Undersink Arsenic Filters
These water filters install out of sight under the sink. Very simple to hook up & use. Efficiently removes Arsenic from tap water.
Refrigerator Arsenic Filters
Provide Arsenic-Free water to your refrigerator, ice maker, water fountain, water cooler, or commercial coffee maker.
Whole House Arsenic Filters
These filtration systems effectively remove Arsenic and hundreds of contaminents from water for the entire house!
Commercial / Industrial Arsenic Filtration Systems
High capacity, high flow-rate arsenic removal systems for hotels, apartment complexes, communities, and other commercial and industrial applications.

Not All Water Filter Systems Are Created Equal!

Crystal Quest® water filters remove hundreds of contaminants and LAST A LONG TIME. The unique high capacity and multi-stage design means no more over-priced and less effective water filters with replacement filter cartridges that have to be replaced every 100 to 500 gallons!

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Crystal Quest Water Filter Reviews

The CRYSTAL QUEST® Pitcher Water Filter and Shower Filter were awarded "Best Buys" in the August 2006 issue of Consumers Digest magazine.

The CRYSTAL QUEST® Pitcher Water Filter, Shower Filters, Faucet Mount Water Filters, Countertop Plus Water Filter, Reverse Osmosis Filters, Refrigerator Filters, and Travel Water Filters have been recommended in "The Drinking Water Book - How to Eliminate Harmful Toxins From Your Water" (second edition 2006) by Colin Ingram, on pages 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 134 and 160.